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Law Office of
George R. Leary, Esq.

Specializing in DUI and Misdemeanor Criminal Defense
in the Greater Los Angeles Area 

If you are arrested for a crime it is essential you find an experienced lawyer who knows how to successfully navigate the judicial system. You need an attorney that will stand by your side in court and fight for your legal rights.

I am a former Los Angeles District Attorney that is very experienced in all phases of DUI and criminal law litigation. I am a former Los Angeles prosecutor and I have been the lead attorney on thousands of DUI and criminal cases. I am a lawyer that is experienced in all misdemeanor criminal charges and their possible defenses. I provide my clients with the legal advice and advocacy needed to achieve success in court.  I am a lawyer that will vigorously fight for your legal rights and make sure you are not taken advantage of by the district attorney, judge, and Los 
Angeles court system.

Being arrested for a DUI or any crime can be an overwhelming and 
devastating experience. Being arrested for a DUI is an experience that can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. I recognize this and pride myself in being a lawyer that provides high quality legal advice at an affordable cost.  Call (424) 242-9403 for a free consultation. 

I also specialize in assisting clients with any outstanding warrants they may have for failure to appear at a court date. A warrant for a failure to appear at court can be a source of a lot of frustration, even if you have moved away from Los Angeles, as it can prevent you from passing a background check. If you have an outstanding warrant in Los Angeles County for a failure to appear at court I can help!  If you have a failure to appear for a traffic ticket, I can help as well.  If you have a failure to appear for a traffic ticket in Los Angeles it is essential you take care of it as soon as possible because the court will send the ticket to collections, which increases the cost of the ticket by around $500.

I serve the greater Los Angeles area. I am very familiar with all the Los Angeles Superior Courts, from Long Beach to San Fernando Valley.  If you need a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, call now for a free consultation. My office telephone number is (424) 242-9403. I can also be reached 24/7 by e-mail at

Specializing in representing people charged with the following crimes:

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