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Client Reviews

"Mr. Leary is an excellent and knowledgeable lawyer, well-versed in numerous facets of the law. He doesn't waste any time with the client and executes his plans with a confidence and reliability that can be counted on. I hired Mr. Leary for a drug defense case and he was able to get me the best possible outcome to dismiss my case."  
     - Josh C.

"If you are looking for a professional attorney please look no further. This man is true to his word and has helped me multiple times on my DUI case. He is very helpful and is almost always available when you need him unless he is in court. He knows the way the court runs and the laws very well. I would give him a 100 out of 100 on client services. Great respectable hard working man I will always refer him to anybody that needs help in the Los Angeles area.
     - Craig J.

"I recently hired Mr. Leary to represent me in a DUI charge brought on by the State of California. The day after my arrest I was beyond stressed out and reached out to him to represent me. This initial call not only put me at ease but was incredibly informative. It was a no brainer from there to hire him, and this was a great choice on my part. Simply put Mr. Leary was always available to discuss my case when I reached out to him, was very informed of the charges and without fail could explain to me in terms that I understood what was going on. His commitment to my case was undeniable. I would recommend his services to any member of my family or close friends as I was nothing but extremely satisfied by his services."  
     - Andrew S.

"George Leary handled my case (Misdemeanor) with professionalism and kindness. He got me the best possible outcome and I highly recommend him!
     - Matthew C. 

"I was plucked out of a DUI checkpoint, where I shortly found myself going 'downtown.' There was a discrepancy in the breath test, and the next day I knew I needed help. I was quickly recommended to George Leary. He honestly gave me his undivided attention, and has been to this very moment with my case, responsive at all times. George delivered the best case. My DUI was dismissed."  
     - Shannon R.

"I consulted the services of George Leary for a charge of unlicensed driving. He explained every step of the process thoroughly and made the process virtually pain free, addressing any concerns I may have had along the way. I did not have to go to court and the charges were ultimately dismissed."  
     - Jonathan M. 

"George Leary is a great attorney. He worked alongside me to get the best possible outcome for my misdemeanor charge. He got me a complete dismissal on the charge! I would recommend his services to anyone."  
     - John P. 

"George R. Leary is the most responsive and helpful lawyer I've ever consulted with. Some of his best attributes are honesty, trustworthiness, responsiveness, and attentiveness. He provides full honesty and truth about the severity of the situation, but he does his absolute best to communicate with his clients to achieve what's best for his clients."  
     - Jack C. 

"I have known Attorney George Leary for over a decade. He is an excellent lawyer who has provided me great legal advice over the years. I would strongly recommend Mr. Leary to anyone in Los Angeles that may need a criminal defense attorney."  
     - Josh B. 

"George Leary did an outstanding job serving as my attorney.  Was very personable and listened to what I had to say. He was upfront and honest about the matter at hand.  I would recommend him to anyone!"  
     - Curtis D. 

"George Leary is an excellent attorney.  I would recommend him to anyone."
     - Joshua C. 

"It was great having Attorney Leary representing my son for the possible misdemeanor charge he was facing.  At first I was a little hesitant because my son found Mr. George Leary online, but after meeting him in person we found him very confident and pleasant to talk to.  And in the course of handling my son's case he always kept us informed clearly by phone, writing and email of what to look forward to and what was happening, all of which turned out for the good as he'd expected, most importantly no misdemeanor charge!!!  George made all the court appearances without my son present (since he's an out of state student), but while I was there I was impressed with his handling everything. From our experience with Attorney Leary's expertise we are confident in recommending him to anyone in need of his services."
     - Fep P. 

"Great to work with.  Very quick to respond, and overall great experience.  Worked out a great deal with the judge to dismiss all charges."
     - George C. 

"My friend and I obtained Mr. Leary to assist with a citation regarding driving with a suspended license that became a more serious matter and one in which we didn't know how to handle.  George was beyond helpful in instructing what steps to take in order to get this issue resolved and was always willing to answer any and all questions that we had.  We were able to meet with him in person and was able to give us clear information on the case and great directions as to what to do...  I am glad to say that now we are on our way to resolving and clearing this issue!  I would strongly recommend George to anyone who is looking for an intelligent, reliable and trustworthy attorney."
     - Maribel L. 

"After moving out of state, I found out that I had an old case that needed settling.  Mr. Leary was incredibly helpful in coordinating court dates, contacting the required parties, and organizing/conveying all relevant information to me immediately; all to a successful conclusion of the case.  Mr. Leary was always available for any questions I had, and on the dozen or so occasions when I contacted him by phone, I was able to reach him directly without any delays.  On once occasion he even returned a call from me while he was on vacation, explaining that he didn't want me to worry while I waited for an update on my case!  In short working with Mr. Leary made this difficult and confusing situation, both bearable and ultimately achievable.  Many thanks and the highest regard for his professionalism and compassion."
     - Ryan K. 

"I want to take a moment to thank you for your services that you provided.  You are the best and resolved my case in the most effective way.  Could not have done it without you.  Once again, thank you.  My family and I are highly satisfied."
     - Rudy V. 

"George got the criminal charge dismissed without having to go to court.  For all legal needs, go to George."
     - Jason R.